Satoshi Nakamoto is an alien?

Thomas Szekely
2 min readJul 7, 2021

Everybody who read the title and understood the implication, had their smile.

Now, why did this slightly out of this world ;-) thought even entered my mind?

  1. Bitcoin is potentially a new basis for our financial system. That’s big, I mean, who in his earthly mind would even contemplate to change our financial system in such a radical way?
  2. Bitcoin initialized a world of altcoins, which transforms our world even more. Ethereum, Defi, NFT; what’s next? If one changes the monetary & financial system, what happens to our economy — as a bythought?

There are a bunch of crypto enthusiasts, like me or even more so, who think crypto is fun and we all would like to kick banks, central banks, polititians and their regulators into their proverbial balls for whatever personal, undoubtfully justified, reason.

Not one of us enthusiasts would have been able to even scratch the surface of this bulwark of a system. There comes one (wo)man out of nothing, publishes a paper, connects to a group of programmers, programs Bitcoin, and vanishes back into nothing. Seriously?

Now show me anybody who had believably foreseen this revolution?

By the way, if Satoshi reads this and is human: cudos

By the way, if Satoshi reads this and is alien: cudos



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