Everything sounds right from an outsider view.

First, the GOP is the enabler (started probably with the tea-party).

Second, a slow and boring DNC.

Third, the bible belt as deciding force (just to alter the supreme court's balance, they accepted an adulterer, lier and possibly most corrupt man in the world; morally a zipcode not on this world).

All three factors NOT good for a country, which claims to be the stronghold of democracy in our world.


DEM’s a book about a guy to overcome personal issues and grow into a role bigger than life. Alternate universe, dark energy, time dilatation, and psychology are ingredients.


Steven looked at his wife and asked himself for the millionth time how he could have been so lucky to find…

Today I read an article in The Guardian where Hillary Clinton suggested that “Europe must curb immigration to stop rightwing populists”.

Interesting! Why does a former Democratic candidate for the US Presidency point fingers at Europe, fighting similar problems as the US does? Is she sharpening her profile for another…

Thomas Szekely

Entrepreneur, reader, enthusiastic writer, interested in politics, astronomy, and theoretical physics. Find me on https://xlmprz.com

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