Everything sounds right from an outsider view.

First, the GOP is the enabler (started probably with the tea-party).

Second, a slow and boring DNC.

Third, the bible belt as deciding force (just to alter the supreme court's balance, they accepted an adulterer, lier and possibly most corrupt man in the world; morally a zipcode not on this world).

All three factors NOT good for a country, which claims to be the stronghold of democracy in our world.



Step back for a sec and think.

What possible reason could China have to support BTC?


  1. A totalitarian country needs control, otherwise it is not totalitarian, duh. BTC is, at least for the time beeing, uncontrolled.

2. China wants to gain more influence in the world. From their point of view, if the other nations loose control over finance, they think that their influence will increase.

3. No western polititian will even consider BTC as long as China has an undue influence. USA as well as Europe would never accept BTC controlled by a totalitarian country.

So, for all hodlers, this is the best case scenario for us.



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